MALTA – The Sand Island

Is Malta just became the new top place to visit in Europe?
Since I came back from my holiday every second person who I’m talking to, either going to Malta or just came back.

And to be honest, I’m not surprised. Malta is full of history, and the beaches are beautiful. ( if you don’t mind sharing with lots of people)
Usually when I like to spend all day by the sea and relaxing and topping up my vitamin D level.

But how much can you relax when most of the beaches are packed?!
Well, I don’t know how about you but I just can’t. So what to do than to take my mind off…
Malta has so much to offer when it comes to being a bit more active. It’s a paradise if you into rock climbing or just geta a few extra secs in your personal best being underwater in one breath.

The water is probably the warmest I had ever experienced anywhere in Europe. And because most of the beaches are framed with rocks, easy to see some underwater creatures.

Something I noticed is almost everywhere they still offering plastic straws. When we were in ST Peters Pool one sailing bote just anchored just outside the lagune to let the passenger swim a bit. Shortly after they arrived, the lagune started to get full of rubbish swimming in the water. Still shocking for me how some countries as especially when they trust depending on the surrounding nature can turn a blind eye on these issues.

I rarely leave my house without my reusable straw. I love to hear from you guys! If you have any tips to share how to be more eco-friendly while traveling.

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