Hey! I’m Ada

A creative mind and the passionate soul behind Laforance. If you are looking for easy healthy, and delicious recipes then you have come to the right place. You can find inspiration for healthy living and zero waste plastic-free lifestyle

My passion for food started a few years ago when I decided enough is enough, and I have to change. Growing up, I haven’t eaten any fruit or vegetables not because I can’t, but I don’t feel a need for it, and this turned into an eating disorder. I was living on carbs, meat, and pasta bread cheese was taking out 90% of my meals every dal. I always had an active lifestyle started with the swimming group skiing snowboarding, boxing, scuba diving…(In a nutshell, I love moving and extreme sports)

But with my eating habits, I started to notice that my energy level is unbalanced, and I had severe mood swings. 

I know I have to change, but it’s always easy to come up with the idea than actually follow through with it. I systematically started to introduce fruits and vegetables into my diet one by one at the time. And what I was realized for me the taste was excellent, but most of the time the texture was what’s holding me back.  

So I started my smoothie journey. At the beginning mostly fruits and starting to add some greens into it here and there slowly. What was also a big motivation for me whenever I made a smoothie bowl it felt and look like I’m eating somewhere on tropical. I tricked my mind by having great looking meals more and more often until it’s become a regular thing for me to having nutritious meals every day.  

I’m not export and still have a long way to go, but I believe if I managed to change my lifestyle after 25 years, you could do it too. So I like to invite you to this online voyage with me where we can learn more about how to make healthier choices along with making smarter decisions every day to help reduce our environmental footprint.