Healthy Bites In London – WAVE In Hackney

Let me take you on a journey around London to discover the best healthy/vegan and plant-based places in the city. As most of my friends and family, not vegan, I set a bar really high, and to show just because it’s vegan, it can be just as if even more delicious than any other restaurant.

My first brunch of 2020 was actually on a Monday just right after I came back from Mexico. Long-distance traveling and jet leg, what better way to beat it with sunrise yoga. So I get up at 6 am hop in the taxi and headed to Hackney. My destination was a small but charming vegan coffee shop called WAVE – We Are Vegan Everything. (have to say as water is my element I was already loved just the name of the place)

I have been looking for a while for a yoga group where you can feel relax and you don’t share the space with 20 other people. It felt like I had a morning get together with friends and the next hour was pure magic. I’m a beginner ar rolex datejust 116234blrj rolex calibre 2836 2813 mens silver tone when it comes to yoga and the class is suitable for all levels. Georgina Power yoga session is definitely a must-try 🙂 Using movement and breath to connect inwards with yourself while also exploring awareness of how you interact with and create the world around you.

After the one-hour yoga session, it was time for a coffee when I looked at the menu. I know strat away that I going to order—pink Himalayan salt coffee. I never even heard of it before, and for the sweet ot milk and the coffee just jazzed up with the slightly salty taste. So tasty!

I had scrambled tofu with avocado and toast. When we got the plates to the table, it looked like summer on my plate. I have never had the vegan scrambled eggs before, but I have to say since then I’m hooked on it.

A few words from the founders

The people and the passion behind – We Are Vegan Everything

My name is Caitlyn Thornhill and I started WAVE with my business partner Sophie Beale in January 2019. We opened WAVE together after discovering a huge joint love of vegan food. Both become vegan and wanted to share our passion and the vegan message through delicious, relatable food. We didn’t want anyone to feel like anything was ever missing from their plate because it was vegan. So we spend a lot of time making sure that everything we serve is a taste bud sensation. 

We searched for 6 months for the right cafe. And the Hackney Location we are in now is actually the first place we saw. We needed to have a good feeling about the place we chose and did feel it in Hackney, but decided to keep looking for a further 6 months. We were really put off by the narrow way the location was set up in as we were scared it was going to stop people from coming in. I had recently read a book called The Science of Shopping that explained, that you should never have a shop next to the bank. As people tend to walk straight past banks without looking at them.

The Hackney location was situated right next to Santander! But we couldn’t shake the feeling that we got from Hackney, it just felt like we needed to be there, this was our next step. So we took the plunge and decided to go ahead with securing Hackney Central and since day one it’s felt like the best decision we could have ever made. We have had customers since day one! The vibe, everything just feels so perfect for us and we couldn’t be more grateful. 

One dish from the menu that everyone should try at least once?

The one dish we think everyone should try has got to be our mac and cheese, we get rave reviews every time and we still can’t get enough. We also love our pancakes, we change the flavor of them every season so is a must and of course one of our peanut butter coffees which is a real treat. 

You can find WAVE at -11 Dispensary Lane, Mare Street, Hackney, E8 1FT


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