How To Transfer Your Home To An Environmental Friendly Sanctuary

You don’t have to be an Environmental activist to create a more Eco-friendly home. Just because we don’t affect by the changes as drastically in our everyday life doesn’t mean we can turn a blind eye and be ignorant about the subject.

I always have been really conscious of my actions. I guess growing up close to nature and traveling since I was a child, I got to see a bit more.
For example, I never drop a single piece of rubbish in the street or a beach. I instead carried for hours to find a garbage can. This year I have started to educate myself on how can I make choices in my everyday life that minimize the negative impact not just on my environment but also on our planet future.

I like to share with you some of my favorite products that I have using almost every day so you can start to make the best choices without feeling like you have to sacrifice on anything.

Let’s Start With The Bathroom


When I started to look around in my apartment how can I reduce the single plastic house? I had to realize almost all of the cleaning products. The washing-up liquids my shower gel everything is packed in plastic bottles.
The first thing I did is swap the shower gel to soap.

I had a hard time in the past finding a soap that doesn’t overdry my skin. And not to mention inside the paper box was wrapped with plastic… again.

I was shocked when I find BECO at my local supermarket. Not just this soap is only packaged in paper. Also, these hand-cut vegan soap bars are affordable, and I love the fact is not overdrying my skin. BECO is one of the handfuls of companies that are trying to make different not just with their products but also how it’s produced.

80% of our amazing team are disabled, and we believe more UK companies should hire like us.

Shampoo & Conditioner

Another product that I swapped is my shampoo and conditioner. Unfortunately, this comes in plastic packaging. Still, the reason I have signed up with them because this was the only company that offered a customized shampoo and conditioner made uniquely for my hair type and on top of it, they only use safe, natural ingredients, wherever possible. And are continuously seeking new and environmentally-friendly ingredients. All of their products are free of sulfates, parabens, mineral oils, phthalates, and gluten, among many other ingredients. Function Of Beauty products are also 100% vegan and cruelty-free!

I have set up to receive every three months the 16 oz shampoo and conditioner, and the best surprise was after two and a half months, I’m still only used half of it. Instead of buying shampoo in the drugstores and have to use a lot to get a promised result by using high-quality ingredients, I need much less. My hair is improved so much in these past months, so I 100% recommend it to you take a look, and if you like what you find to give a go!

FYI- You can costumes color and the fragrance too 🙂

Shopping list

If you like natural skincare, make sure to check out some of my other blog posts on the topic!

Environmental friendly litter box

As you may know, I am a cat mom. And it was shocking to me when I heard abate that cat litter is generating 2% of the UK’s non-recycled waste. This is one of the products that is essential not just in my household but in many other cat owners. And yet I wasn’t even considering this as a subject of matters.

I had a chance to sit down with one of the founders of Natusan a few weeks ago and get to know a bit more about the passion and the mission behind the brand.


Introduction to the brand?

Natusan is an innovative litter subscription service for cat owners in London. The process is simple: we deliver each month your full litter kit to your door (10+7L litter bags, litter tray, cleaning accessories); after one month, we collect the used kit, recycle the tray, compost the soiled litter and replace the whole by a new kit. Thanks to our partnership with UK charity Trees for Cities, the soiled litter is then turned into fertilizer that is used to plant trees in the London area. You can find all the information on our website, on our Facebook page and on our Instagram page. Currently, as part of our launch process, we are in a co-creation approach where we offer the first month of the subscription and then use potential feedback to constantly improve the value proposition so that it perfectly fulfills its twofold mission: convenience for you as a cat owner, and sustainability for the planet.

Why did we decide to start Natusan?

Everything began when we discovered that people were incentivized to have fewer and fewer pets as they were considered to be a huge source of pollution/waste. We then made some research and found out that cat litter represented c. 2% of the UK’s non-recycled waste as it was too hard and dangerous to recycle! We couldn’t cope with the idea of living in a world with less and less pets so we had to find (invent?) a solution. We talked to many cat owners who were very interested in the idea of having a sustainable and convenient way to compost their cat litter and reduce their overall impact while staying pet owners…and that’s how we came out with Natusan. But, as I was mentioning above, we are currently still improving the service based on customers’ feedback.

How did we select the charities that associated with the brand?

Charities were chosen following our two passions: sustainability and pets. They needed to embody those ideas of saving the planet and protecting pets. That’s why we currently associate with Trees for Cities on the one hand and Mayhew animal shelter on the other. Trees for Cities is a UK charity dedicated to planting trees in London so it closes the sustainable loop that we created: our litter is made of 100% wood fibers (no trees are felled to produce it) and it becomes a fertilizer used to grow trees at the end! As for Mayhew, they are dedicated to animal welfare and work towards giving all pets a better life and home, values that we definitely value!

I’m currently trying out the first box I have ordered ( you may see the unboxing on my Instagram @Laforance ) So fare my thoughts on it that the size of the box is much suitable for my cat (she is a chubby one 🙂 ). The mess she is usually leaving behind is not just less but much more easy to clean around the box. And the most important when you were living in an apartment that doesn’t have any after smell. I have only been using it for a week but will keep you all updated on how it goes.

I would love to connect and chat with you down below the comment section to hear more about what you do to make your home more Environmental friendly.


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