Positive Fashion Starts Here

Even when it’s just baby steps moving forwards to Positive Fashion its still count! Right?

This year was my first time attending London Fashion Week. Or any fashion week to be honest. And it was just the perfect timing. I was pleasantly surprised when I find out the theme is upcycling and sustainability (a.k.a Positive Fashion). So lovely to see that every industry is realizing the only way forward is to reduce our eco footsteps and making more sustainable choices.

I had a chance to talk with some of the designers. And learn more about how they were reducing the paper waste using 3D modeling. One of my favorite a Stay Wild Swim ®. Who is using plastic taken out of the ocean to produce their beautiful swimwears.

Supporting ethical or local brand can make a big difference in the long term like Absence of Colour, who was kind enough to gift me some of their pieces. 

Absence of Colour  

Founded in East London in 2013, Absence of Colour is a womenswear fashion brand that derives inspiration from its minimalist Nordic roots to create affordable, curated and unique designs that encapsulate the modern woman’s wardrobe.

Absence of Colour takes highly into consideration during the
manufacturing and distribution processes of our clothing.

One of the ways in which AOC working sustainably is by creating their
clothing from sustainable fabrics and by creating a large percentage of
the cotton products from organic cotton, to have all of
cotton products made organically by 2020.

In addition to this, 30% of their manufacturing is also done in-house in
their Unit in India where the staff gets more than the average salary
and receive benefits such as yearly bonuses, and are also being more
eco-friendly by using air cargo with lower fuel emission and trying to
lower the use of plastic in the packing. To achieve Positive Fashion.

I was going to include the pieces here but being honest, I like them too much so it will be a full look book coming next week with more images.

The other highlight of the weekend was a fantastic yoga class with Larabaruk and Lululemon. It was one-hour session just taking my mind off from the busy day and being in the moment, focusing on my body and reconnecting.

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