A Real Eco-Friendly household Starts From Reducing Your Food Waste

The other day, I was watching an excellent documentary on Netflix called COOK – and on top of it is a great show on how disconnected we are with the food and the cooking culture in general. One line stuck in my head “If you want to eat an apple pie with some icecream go ahead, eat it! But one condition, you have to make it your self from scratch.” Switching my everyday habits to more eco-friendly actions is probably one of the most rewarding feelings ever!

Knowing that I supporting ethical brands, my actions don’t have a negative effect on our environment is a step I like to encourage all of you to try it! Not just by replacing items with an eco-friendly alternative, like instead of using single-use plastic bags to carry home my groceries. We use reusable produce bags.

For more inspiration on how to transfer your home to a More Eco-Friendly household click here!

As I have cleaned my fridge after the holiday season, I realized it was full of processed foods. That doesn’t taste nearly as good as a home cook meal. So I decided I will step away from all of those quick meals and start to make it myself. By using fresh ingredients you will end up with a much more flavorful dish. I find it really relaxing to cook every day. Also If you think about, it’s easier on your wallet too.

I mentioned in my other post Waffle Januarythat my husband and I have a very different eating habit. [He is a type that has to have meat in almost every dish ]. However, I do see he is thinking more like me when it comes to buying products.

To be clear I don’t believe putting any label on my or anybody dietary preference! Vegan Plant-based…. And I also strongly believe nobody has a right to tell anyone what they can or can’t eat. If you believe your decision is the right just explain why and hopepeople will see your point! All you can do is believe they start to make changes in they on way.

Reducing Food Waste

We realized one of the main product that is going to waste in our home is bread. I don’t eat much and the hubby just likes to know we always have bread at home. This is why we started to bake our own bread.

The most obvious reason for baking your own bread is to save money – but that’s far from the only reason. Home-baked bread can also be much tastier, more nutritious, and easier to customize to your personal needs. On top of that, there’s the fun of baking. Mixing and kneading can be oddly relaxing. And there’s something very satisfying about slicing into a fresh-baked loaf you made with your own hands.

Perhaps you’re thinking that a pound for a loaf of bread isn’t all that cheap. After all, at most big supermarkets, you can pick up a store-brand loaf of white bread for about that price. So, why should you go to the trouble of baking your own?

A slice of our homemade whole-wheat bread is nothing like that fluffy, wimpy stuff. It’s a hearty, chewy bread that you can really sink your teeth into. It’s full of nutty, yeasty, whole-grain flavor, with a touch of sweetness from the honey. And unlike the store-bought stuff, it doesn’t fall apart under your knife if you try to spread some peanut butter on it.

Those one-pound loaves of white bread are pretty unimpressive when it comes to nutrition, as well. According to the nutrition calculator. A single slice of store-bought white bread has about 65 calories, mostly from starch. It has 2.3 grams of protein and less than a gram of fiber. Commercial “wheat bread” is only slightly better, with 2.4 grams of protein and 1 gram of fiber.

By contrast, when I entered the ingredients for our homemade whole-wheat bread into the recipe calculator, I found that a single slice has 2.7 grams of protein and 2.2 grams of fiber. Starting my day with two slices of that keeps me going until lunchtime. Where two slices of white-bread toast would probably leave me hungry by midmorning.

Once again, not all store-bought loaves of bread are created equal. You can buy bread at the store that rivals our homemade bread for nutrition, but you’ll pay a lot more for it. By baking our own, we don’t have to compromise between nutrition and cost.

Be warned, though: Fresh-baked bread can be addictive. Once you get into the habit of baking, you’re likely to find that you’re no longer satisfied with store-bought bread. Even when your schedule is busy, you may find yourself trying to squeeze in time for baking because you’re hooked on that homemade flavor. And with every loaf you bake, you’ll be saving money at the same time.

Do you bake your own bread? If not, would you be willing to try it?

If you give it a try I would love to hear from you. Your feedback is really helpful. You can rate the recipe and comment below to let me know how yours turned out. And if you want to show off photos you can tag me @laforance on Instagram! 


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