Set Yourself Up to Succes —  May 2022

Hey sweetie, it’s about that time again: time to set your goals for the month.


Keeping a journal is a way to stay connected to your intuition, to discover new perspectives, and to get clarity on what you want.

-read 5 pages every morning & evening journal

– listen to positive manifesting music

-write 3 affirmations daily and visualize them until you feel them now

-extend your knowledge with one interesting fact a day


I believe one of the main reasons why people struggle to lose weight is because they focus on the wrong thing. It’s so easy to get caught up in calories, fat and the like — but what matters the most is the quality of your food. I know it sounds odd. And yet, if you truly want to lose weight, you need to consider what you’re putting into your body. By concentrating on eating more fruits and vegetables and limiting processed foods, you will not only improve your overall health but also improve your chances at achieving your goals — as well as set yourself up for success when it comes to losing weight.

-focus on the quality of your food not the calories. limit processed sugary snacks in the house and replace them with healthy alternatives

-move your body every day

-focus on self care to de stresses your body


Now that you’ve set the intention to pay attention to your energy – notice if you feel sleepy or sluggish. Listen to what you’re drawn to and move towards it. If you feel inclined to work out, do it, if you feel like meditating, do it! Get used to aligning yourself with what’s feeling good in your life. You can also take this further by asking yourself – how do I feel right now?  Feel into your body, what are some places that feel off? Pay attention to how you feel after everything you do. Try not to overthink it, just be aware of yourself throughout the day and listen when something doesn’t seem quite right.

-pay extra attention to how you feel after everything you do put yourself first !!!!

-show up as your most authentic self

– learn to trust your intuition


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