How To Stay Motivated // Not Just For That “Summer Body”

How many years you have started with the same promise to yourself that This year will be different!? “I’m going to get my sh**t together and sticking to a workout routine for that // Summer body.

Yep, me too. For years I have stubbled to really stick to any routine for the long term. I’m really lucky with my body type, and to be fair, since I cane my diet and go fully vegan, I don’t have that big of a weight change. But I do get, as I like to call it, “softy” 🙂

Before I get more into this blog post, I just wanted to clarify that we all have different body types, and things and routines that work for me may not work for you. I’m not a trained professional, just sharing my own thoughts and experience, hoping to inspire some of you if you on the same journey.

One of the main things that 2020 showed to us is that we can do everything at home. We just need to be a bit more creative. Instagram is packed with at-home workout videos, tips & tricks. Not to mention the thousands of personal trainers who are offering online coaching. If you really want to, You can find a way to do so.

One of the first things that I realised was that I had to be ready to commit to a routine. And at the same time be easy on my body. Let me explain a bit more. I don’t wake up every day and have a burning urge to work out. But when I don’t have any good reason not to, I push myself. Even just a 30 minutes full-body stretch, or when the weather is nice, go for a run or walk outside. Trust me, the most challenging part is to start 🙂

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When is the best time to do your daily workout?

We all have different schedules & sleeping routines. I personally love to have my workouts early in the morning. As I work from home and don’t have a gym membership, it’s easy to get my workout done before starting work. In that way, I already accomplished something before the day really begins. ( I do notice that I have extra motivation on days when it’s a sunny morning ) let me know In the comments, do you like to have your workout in the morning or the evening!

How to keep the motivation alive?!

Keeping yourself motivated is maybe more difficult than the workout. I get my motivation from many things. Seeing my progress & feeling stonier week after week. Setting realistic expectations! Change not happen ower night. And to keep 100% real, I do love a new set of workout outfits// not just to workout! I pretty much live in activewear & loungewear. 🙂

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I never was the type of person who really cared about my weight I don’t even own a scale! For me, it’s all about how do I feel in my body. For that reason my goals were never to get down to a serene weight it’s more like I want to work out at least 3 times this week, or I want to go for a run at least once a week. Smaller more achievable goals can give you the satisfaction and motivation to keep going.

Gym membership? Do you really need one?

It’s no right or wrong answer to this. I have been a gym member for years and was a time when simple knowing that I’m paying for the members every month was enough motivation to drag myself to the gym and do at least a 30 min workout. I do have to say it’s just my own preference but my fave that I have engaged the most had a separate area just for women’s. Lately, I find it more convenient and relaxing to work out at home. In the beginning, I started following 10 – 15 minutes IG videos.

After getting used to working mainly with bodyweight I realised that I need some kind of cardio to be added to the mix. So I started to look into again signing up for a gym membership. The problem was for me is that I just don’t justify paying no matter how much a month just to use the treadmill…. Plus the weather started to be getting warmer and sunnier so I was finally able to start running outdoor.

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I'm not a trained professional, just sharing my own thoughts and experience, hoping to inspire some of you if you on the same journey.

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