Easy Plant-Based Meals On A Budget

Kicking off this Veganuary with a delicious meal subscription recommendation for all of you who may be want to try the plant-based lifestyle or just looking to save time and energy on cooking and researching recipes.

I remember when I started my vegan journey I wish I had a meal plan like this to test the water and get the recipe inspiration. It takes time to find and build up your pantry must-haves and the brands & products that give you that culinary satisfaction on a plant-based / vegan lifestyle.

Everything starts from within! Changing your diet eating more whole foods can have many positive benefits on top of the obvious. Can help clear up or improve your skin, lose weight in a healthy way.

I had a chance to try out a 3-day meal plan with Holy. The plan includes breakfast lunch dinner a smoothie and two snacks. I realized after the three-day meal plan lasted me for a week that not just the portion size is very generous, but also I probably have to better look after how much I eat in a day. Was quite refreshing that I don’t have to think about when and what to eat. All meals have a unique QR code that shows a full nutritional breakdown of each meal. It’s really helpful if you are in training or just want to better keep track of what you eat.

Delicious & nutritionally balanced

Gluten-free plant-based meals are delivered straight to your door so you feel and look your best. Covering all of your vitamins, minerals, and nutrients > Eat Holy

– 100% plant-based, gluten-free and organic
– Food is cooked by chefs and comes fresh and ready to eat
– All meal plans are nutritionally-complete with over 30 nutrients covering all vitamins and minerals
– The plans are fully customizable 
– They offer a full nutritional breakdown of each dish
– Menu changes each week

-They are the first in the world to deliver over 30 nutrients through plant-based food including key nutrients like B12, D, iodine, and omega-3

Check out some of my other recipes and make sure to come back as I’m posting twice a week during Veganuary and every day on Instagram & TickTok 🙂

Not a sponsored post! // I am just sharing my experience after trying the meal subscription.

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