It’s OKAY Not To be That Girl!

Let’s face it – everyone is a little guilty of comparing their own lives ⁠. I was listening to a podcast on another day, and one thing that really resonated with me was by the time we hit our late 20s, 70% of our personality is transformed/influenced by other people. ⁠ It hits different when you realize how true it is. I’m just as guilty of comparing my body and style to other people I follow too. One of the charms about Instagram is that highly curated, perfect idea of life that we can all share😅 Right?⁠

You know I do love my morning routine, but the reality is I’m not waking up every day at 5 am to have that aesthetic glass of lemon water followed with a morning yoga sess. Lately quieter opposite, I like to lay in bed longer have my coffee before water no matter how much I know it’s not good for me 😅 and you know what it’s absolutely okay just to do your thing and don’t feel guilty about it. And when you feel like yeah, it’s time to get my sh** together and make a change, do it because you wanted to do it, not because you feel the pressure to fit into that box that other people created to seem perfect. #imnotthatgirl⁠

I hope you having a great day or night whenever this post gets to you and if one thing you take away from this is that You are perfect as you are and if your soul is craving some changes do it for You not for others.

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